“Gotham” Season 1 episode 3 brought along some repercussions from the action in the series premiere. When Gordon (Ben McKenzie) pushed Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) into the water, he expected the future villain to stay gone, and he certainly didn’t expect anyone to tell Major Crimes about the incident. All of that changed in episode 3.

Gordon and Bullock (Donal Logue) investigated a new vigilante in town. He was tying victims to weather balloons to kill them, but the twist was that he was only killing corrupt public figures in the city of Gotham. When he took down a financier who stole money, Bullock wasn’t ready to start an investigation--he was ready to write a thank you card. Yet once a cop was killed, Bullock was suddenly ready to hunt down the killer.

On the dead cop’s body, they found a list with Gordon’s name on it. Did the killer know that Gordon was supposedly responsible for Cobblepot’s “death”? They weren’t sure, but the Major Crimes Unit was asking plenty of questions about the Penguin’s disappearance. They went to Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith), and she revealed that Cobblepot was dead. She told them that Gordon was responsible and mob boss Falcone (John Doman) ordered him to do it.

Major Crimes’ Detectives Montoya (Victoria Cartagena) went to Gordon’s apartment to find Barbara (Erin Richards). She let herself in because she still had the key from when she was with Barbara. Barbara was smoking a joint, and the detective checked that marijuana was the only substance she was taking. Barbara was insulted that Montoya let herself in and then called her a junkie. The two have a romantic past and Montoya clearly wasn’t ready to let go. She tried to convince Barbara that Gordon was corrupt and working with the mob. However, Gordon’s girlfriend refused to believe her ex. Montoya tried to kiss her, but Barbara kicked her out.

Montoya and Allen (Andrew Stewart Jones) went to Gordon to tell him that they knew that he killed Cobblepot. He was nervous, but he told them that they had no proof. He was busy with his investigation, but he also needed to know who talked.

Gordon and Bullock were able to track down the Balloon Man to the abandoned juvenile detention center. They found a weather balloon in an alley and it turned out to be a trap. The Balloon Man confronted them and he believed in Gordon. He knew that he had done good, but he wasn’t sure that he would continue to be on the right side of justice. He decided to try to shoot Gordon, so Bullock attached him to the weather balloon and let him go. However, Gordon jumped onto the killer as he was going up in the air. He wasn’t about to let Bullock serve justice his way. Bullock had to shoot the balloon down to save Gordon.

Gordon was still worried about Major Crimes, but the Penguin was back in town anyway. He killed one of Fish’s minions when he recognized him, and he killed a dishwasher at an Italian restaurant to get his job. Luckily, Cobblepot accidentally landed himself a job at Maroni’s (David Zayas) business right after Falcone was seen telling Fish that Maroni was their biggest competition.

Maroni was talking to another man about Arkham supposedly changing the town when he saw Cobblepot watching. The Peguin introduced himself as Paolo and pretended he didn’t hear anything. Maroni seemed to like him a lot more than Fish ever did.

That apparently gave the Penguin quite a confidence boost. Despite Gordon telling him never to come back to Gotham, Cobblepot went right up to his door and knocked. “Hello James, old friend,” he said.

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