Winter is coming to Gotham City in two weeks when Mr. Freeze (Nathan Darrow) makes his way to Fox's "Gotham." In the midseason premiere, Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and the GCPD are going to try to bring the heat to the latest villain to appear in Season 2 of the Batman prequel series. A new promo video gave fans a closer look at Freeze and how he won't be easy to stop.

At the end of the midseason finale, Mr. Freeze was shown using his freeze gun to turn a man into a frozen statue. The new promo video shows more of Freeze's work with police officers frozen in their tracks. Not even the guns of the police can stop him as he's able to freeze bullets in mid air.

"The guys in this town are changing, I don't know how bad it's going to get," Gordon says in the video.

Fans then get a look at the man behind the suit, who's keeping some frozen bodies in his lab. Gordon knows the GCPD will have a hard time taking down the new villain, while Freeze thinks "they have no idea."

Watch the new "Gotham" Season 2 promo video below:

In an interview with, "Gotham" executive producer John Stephens revealed why the show chose to introduce Mr. Freeze and how he will open the door towards more supervillains appearing on the show. He also said the villain is one that's not fully "rooted in reality," but that the show focused on the real qualities of the character.

"He's also a science villain — he's not like some of the others from Batman's rogues' gallery like Solomon Grundy who has more of a mystical or magical nature. He's still someone who, in theory, could exist in a world where science progresses to that point," Stephens dished.

Stephens also added that there will be parallels between Freeze and Gordon in terms of what they do for their loved ones. Freeze's motivation for doing what he does is because he wants to keep his sick wife alive, while Gordon is expected to approach his job a little differently now that he knows Lee (Morena Baccarin) is pregnant.

"Gotham" Season 2 returns to Fox on Monday, Feb. 29 at 8 p.m. EST.