Fox’s show “Gotham” does not lack for interesting characters, and its Season 3 is no exception. There will be a lot of exciting new comic book characters joining the cast of “Gotham,” and here is a list of who fans can expect to see:

1. Talon

Talon, who goes by the alias William Cobb, is a member of a group of assassins called The Talons. They serve and protect the mysterious Court of Owls, a secret society of Gotham's oldest and most influential families.

“They’re a shadowy, Illuminati-like group which basically controls Gotham,” executive producer John Stephens told the TV Insider.

2. Jervis Tetch

Jervis Tetch is a psychopathic villain who believes he is the living incarnation of the Mad Hatter. He’s in Gotham City in search for his sister Alice, who has a remarkable power that he plans to use.

Benedict Samuel, the actor who will play the Mad Hatter, told Zap2It that his character will “move hell and high earth” to find his sister. “There are so many pieces to him,” he further said of his character. “There’s a child in there and there’s also a psychopath.”

3. Alice Tetch

Mexican actress Naian Gonzales Norvind has been cast as Alice, who will make her debut in the third episode of the next season.

According to Variety, she was born with an incredible ability that she cannot control. While her brother considers her ability a gift, Alice thinks it’s a curse. For most of their lives, the siblings have played cat and mouse, with Alice hiding from Jervis in hopes of keeping her powers safe from the rest of the world.

4. Tweed Brothers

Dumfree Tweed and Deever Tweed, cousins who look so much alike, are widely known as Tweedledum and Tweedledee. They will serve as the henchmen of the Mad Hatter as he goes in search for Alice.

5. Valerie Vale

Villains won’t be the only ones entering the Gotham City scene. Valerie, who will be played by “Once Upon a Time” star Jamie Chung, is a fearless reporter who will become Jim Gordon’s (Ben McKenzie) new love interest.

Chung told TV Line that her character will ruffle a lot of feathers next season because of her hard-hitting questions. “I think the question is whose skin she doesn’t get under,” Chung laughingly said. “She’ll give the cops a lead, but continues to show up — and that makes it difficult for them to do their job.”