Trouble will not only come in the form of villains in “Gotham” Season 3, since even newspaper reporters will be giving the Gotham City police force quite the headache.

The Gazette’s new hire, Valerie Vale (Jamie Chung), in particular, will add to the chaos wreaked by the Indian Hill test subjects who managed to escape by asking police some hard-hitting questions and hounding them for information.

“You find Valerie in the midst of it all asking the tough questions, trying to get to the core of the story,” Chung told TV Line.

Due to the fact that she comes from a family of lawmen, Valerie is quite fearless and knows how to deal with dodgy cops. “I think the question is whose skin she doesn’t get under,” Chung laughingly added. “She’ll give the cops a lead, but continues to show up — and that makes it difficult for them to do their job.”

However, detective-turned-bounty-hunter Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has quite a different reaction to Valerie. With Dr. Leslie “Lee” Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) staying far away from her former lover, will Valerie make a move on Gordon?

“Valerie quickly realizes the kind of danger one can experience when ‘dating’ Jim Gordon…” the actress teased.

The leads Valerie will be pursuing still remains a question. She might ask about the sudden transformation of Poison Ivy, who is now played by Maggie Geha (the character used to be portrayed by Clare Foley).

Executive producer John Stephens told IGN that they needed Poison Ivy to grow up quickly because there are so many things they want to pursue in her storyline.

“For us, we really wanted to play with the idea of transformation. Version one of the character, version two. And so much of Ivy of the canon that we wanted to play, we had to make her a little older.”

Stephens also told TV Guide that it was time for them to transform Ivy from a young girl into a sexy and manipulative woman because she is “a character who makes use of her seductive powers to get what she wants in the world.”