It did not seem like Dr. Leslie “Lee” Thompkins (Morena Baccarin) would return to Gotham City, especially after all the horrible events that took place (breaking up with Jim Gordon, losing their baby) drove her away in the first place.

But in “Gotham” Season 3, episode 2, Thompkins bravely returned. Baccarin told Fox 23 that Lee was able to come back because she has a new man in her life to support her. Because of him, Baccarin said Lee and Gordon (Ben McKenzie) would start their own love quadrangle.

“It’s like a love quadrangle. He’s got a love interest as well as Valerie Vale, a news reporter. It becomes really interesting further on in the season when these two women find themselves in the same room together,” said Baccarin.

“I think Lee is trying to move on and Jim is trying to move on but it's very apparent they have a lot of unfinished business,” she added.

Baccarin earlier told Three If By Space that Lee’s new love is a Falcone who is not fond of using his father's name.

For those who can’t remember, Carmine Falcone, better known as Don Falcone, was a prominent name in “Gotham” Season 1. He’s a mob boss who ruled the city with his personal crime syndicate, but he decided to leave after his emotions got toyed with by one of Fish Mooney’s (Jada Pinkett Smith) girls.

As for Gordon, McKenzie told TV Line that Jim isn’t really looking for a new love this season. But after meeting Valerie and seeing her dogged pursuit just to get a good story, he can’t help but feel attracted to her.

“Jim likes that she’s so aggressive, that she’s so unapologetic,” the actor said. “She almost literally slaps him back into taking stock of his life, and that’s something that a guy in his position can appreciate.”