“Gotham” from Fox has really taken the Batman origin story and made it its own. Even Alfred Pennyworth (Sean Pertwee), the loyal butler of Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), is a changed man in the series.

In the show, Alfred is the one responsible for training Bruce before he becomes the Batman. As this happens, Pertwee told The Arts Guild that the city is going to take a nosedive and force Bruce to become the Batman. “For the super villains to exist, Gotham has to reach the bottom of the barrel. So phoenix rises from the ashes. Gotham is going to get to a really bad place,” he revealed.

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Due to the city’s desperate state, Bruce has no choice but to put on a mask and become the city’s caped crusader.

Meanwhile, Mazouz said that his character still has loads to learn from his butler, and when the show returns, the two will get really busy with their training. “Bruce is not nearly where he needs to be in order to be on that level of Batman caliber. He’s definitely a trained martial artist at this point, but he’s not Batman,” he told Comic Book Resources.

Alfred’s training involves more than just physical work as Mazouz said that his butler is going to shape him to become a responsible young man. “There’s still loads to be taught mentally, physically, emotionally, and the most important thing he needs to be taught are the rules. There’s his guidelines and figuring out what he’s going to do,” he said.

Bruce almost killed the Joker (Cameron Monaghan) before the winter break, but he chose not to in the end. Executive producer John Stephens told Screener TV that the Joker is actually “more psychotic than he was before,” so Bruce will have a lot to worry about in the upcoming episodes.