An emergency condition has been issued by the government in Japan after the Shinmoedake peak on the southern island of Kyushu erupted, spewing columns of ash and smoke in the sky.

The eruption led the government to cancel over 60 flights in the region and all nearby homes were evacuated.

Japan's Meteorological Agency stated that since Wednesday, the 1,421-metre volcano has been belching ash as high as 2,500 meters (8,200 feet) into the air.

Although there are no reports of emergency or damage in the area, all major airways operating in the region like All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines have cancelled a number of flights. As per the official website, Japan Airlines have cancelled a total of 37 flights in and around the region.

Apart from air services, certain railway agencies like the JR Kyushu Railway Company have also suspended train services in the area.