A REPORT COMING.............. Thursday's weekly export sales report showed wheat exports last week at 560 T.M.T. down 44% from the week prior and 12% below the four-week average. A few Middle Eastern countries were in but smaller tonnage than the week prior. Demand remains good as were running ahead of a year ago as civil turmoil in the Middle East has governments their buying wheat for food to try and curb food shortages, but it's a little here and a little there and with 818 m.b left in ending stocks come June 1 wheats new marketing year, demand is a side note new production. Strength in wheat comes as March moves in and our winter wheat crop breaks dormancy. WXRISK.COM the weather site sees generally drier and warmer than normal temperatures the next two weeks with our key winter wheat producers Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Kansas. It's well documented that those states have current crop ratings at historical lows due to the drought before they went dormant and a dry winter void of snow, but turned the page, has improved weather late March and April and crops get better real fast. For now, the weather is supportive to prices, especially on dips. Ignore demand, watch the weather now for price moves. Corn export sales were 1 million metric tons. This is the fifth consecutive week over 1 million metric tons sold with last weeks report a marketing year high 1.5 million metric tons. Were selling corn along with wheat to the middle east but Mexico is the difference. They have surfaced since the early February freeze damage to their crop to be a surprise buyer each week with the last three weeks totals coming in at 353, 505 and 640 thousand metric tons purchased. Since each week in February saw a 1 million metric ton plus export number, it leaves fear in the markets that next Thursday's USDA monthly crop production report will show another increase in export projections and lower ending stocks. Ending stocks are at 675 m.b. a 15 year low and a three weeks supply. Expect aggressive buying into the report by funds. Soybean exports were 36 1 t.m.t a improvement over last week, but it's all about adding up what was bought, against cancellations and finally surfacing what China purchased. Traders only care about China as their almost 70% of our exports. China was in for a net 339 t.m.t. versus the two weeks prior of 405 and 79 t.m.t. What's brought China backed to US old crop sales is world number two bean producer exporter Brazil is experiencing too much rain slowing harvest and its movement and dock workers are dragging their feet creating long truck lines to unload beans as workers and government argue over pay and other issues. This happens every year to some degree. In the US we have three ways to ensure grain gets to shipping ports, rail, truck and river barge. In Brazil its field to truck then a dusty road. Delays are the norm. So, China buys a little more US beans from old crop for near term delivery and buying the bulk for new crop shipment after September 1. Expect some profit-taking by weak Long's prior next Thursday's crop report but buy the break as we should trade higher into the report on fear of strong demand and lower ending stocks showing up. After the report gains we will see possibly a bigger correction, then a sharp rally into the March 31 planted acreage report. Technicals read like this. May corn support is 7.08 then 7.00 with resistance at 7.44 which will be taken out prior or the day of the crop report. May beans support lies at 14.00 Friday today then 13.50 and resistance up at 14.25, then 14.65. May wheat support is a solid 8.00 with resistance at 8.50 then 9.00.