CONDITION OFFICE OPEN.............. In last Tuesday's report I made special mention that the crop condition report was unchanged on all three grains from the week prior. That of course was impossible due to the adverse and widespread weather conditions. I noted that the USDA took its entire staff to compile stats for the August 11 monthly crop report and that left the condition division empty. And that the next condition report they would play catch-up. Well, they did. Corn condition came in at 57% good to excellent condition down 3% from the week prior, 13% under a year ago and 2% under the ten year average. Four of the six big producers declined with Illinois 42% down eight, Indiana 38% down one, Missouri 34% down six and Iowa 63% down four. Ohio was better at 56% up four and Nebraska 76% up one. Nebraska and Iowa are still too high and look to decline. Beans were 59% good to excellent down two from the week prior, 5% under a year ago and 2% over our ten year average. That can't be. Illinois , Indiana, Missouri and Iowa all were lower with Nebraska and Ohio up of all the big producers. States I considered too high and should yet decline are Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Tennessee and North Dakota. The crop tour this week should get a lot of attention and we should expect generally poor crop results but the tour is from a private source and not a government group. This means tour participants are limited to roadside reviews and observing crops from the rows closest the roads and not actually walking into the fields and peeling back bean pods or peeling the corn husk. It's the internal field plants that experience the worst of the heat. First row crops experiencing 90° temperature exposure gives way to internal rows at 98 to 100. It's always hotter in deeper. So, roads rows are usually your best. Weather this week looks to continue to lower condition. WXRISK.COM sees the central and lower planes and Delta as very hot at 95 two 105° the next seven days. This weekend sees the upper planes and Midwest with .10 to .50 inches of rain with no more than 50% coverage. Only northern Illinois and southern Minnesota and Wisconsin see any measurable rain, yet these areas have growers reporting poor quality yields off the July high heat. It will be interesting to see if the crop tour unveils the tragedy happening in central and southern Illinois and Indiana growers are confirming for corn and beans. There is talk of the heat dome entering back into the Midwest during the Labor Day weekend. Okay, wheat. We close over the 7.60 key resistance on December wheat making it a technical buy on Mondays charts. Funds continue to sweat over the heat in the Southwest winter wheat states threatening planting season in September. Trend following funds have gone from short 54 thousand contracts three weeks ago to 45 thousand this week. Should they continue to buy back the remaining 45 thousand contracts could pull wheat up to 8.75. Careful this week as it's the last full week of trading for August and funds are fat with long profits and due to go to the bank as they always do. Last week saw a $.28 break off our Tuesday high for corn. The week prior, a $.32 drop off the Monday high and a $.35 drop the week before from the Wednesday high. You can go back almost every week and see where profits were taken before they re-entering long again. December corn support lies at 7.24 then 7.08 with resistance 7.60 Wednesday. We look for 8.00 to 8.25 off the September USDA crop report. November beans support is 13.80 then 13.40. Resistance 14.10. A close over 14.10 is a chart break out. December wheat support is 7.60 then 7.30. Resistance is a series a single point tops at 7.90, 8.05, 8.20, 8.35 then 8.75. If you want to tune into my regular Wednesday grain webinar at 2 PM central time call for a password at 800- 542-1022.