The Grammy Awards for Lifetime Achievement were given out on Saturday night and the honorees were the punk pioneers, the Ramones, Julie Andrews, Jazz drummer Ron Haynes, Dolly Parton,the Julliard Sting Quartet, The Kingston Trio and George Beverly Shea.

The ceremony was held a day before the 53rd annual Grammy night and the awardees will be acknowledged during the telecast of the live show.

But that was not enough for the brother of late Ramones singer Joey Ramone. This should be televised tomorrow night, and you should bump Justin Bieber, joked Mickey Leigh, reports Reuters.  The Ramones are supposed to be the precursors of fast punk rock and are considered to be the “daddies” of Sex Pistols and Green day.But they never achieved commercial success, and three of the founding members died in the past decade: bassist Dee Dee Ramone and guitarist Johnny Ramone, as well as Joey Ramone. The members were not related, and took fraternal stage names.

Gospel legend Geroge Beverly Shea is 95 and confined to a wheelchair but still full of life. The Canadian native composed the popular hymn The Wonder Of It All.

Julie Andrews 75, the ever loving dream nanny for 1000s of kids growing up in the 60s, lamented the budget cut in school music programmes.

Dolly Parton was unable to attend the ceremony due to family commitments but said in a message that she already had seven Grammys and intended to increase her count in the future.

The Julliard String Quartet has had many line-up changes since its inception in 1940 and among the recipients was Robert Mann, who was first violinist for its first 51 years.

The Kingston Trio best known for ‘Tom Dooley’ has only one member surviving-Bob Shane but he said that there is an authorized group carrying on the folk legacy.