A gunman opened fire at his 11-year-old son's birthday party held at a skating rink in Grand Prairie, Texas Saturday night, killing five people and wounding four others before killing himself, according to police.

Authorities say the man told children to leave the rink before he opened fire, according to the Associated Press.

The man was arguing with his estranged wife in the front area of Forum Roller World where the party was being held in Grand Prairie, a Dallas suburb. The rink was not open to the public at the time, as it was closed for the private child's birthday party Saturday night.

The child's family had rented out the roller rink for several hours to celebrate the child's birthday.

Police spokesman John Brimmer says investigators are still trying to determine how many people were inside the building at the time. Grand Prairie is about 20 miles west of Dallas.

The shootings occured at about 7 p.m. Saturday night. Police were called at 7:10 p.m. after reports of a shooting at the rink.

Brimmer said in a statement Sunday the shooter was 35-year-old Tan Do of Grand Prairie. His estranged wife was identified as 29-year-old Trini Do. Brimmer said the couple had been having marital problems, and they believe that led to the shootings.

The gunman's son was not injured in the incident. The child and another sibling are safe with family members, Brimmer said.

Brimmer says Trini Do was among those shot and killed. The other four who died were relatives of Do, Brimmer said.

This was a domestic situation that went south in a hurry, Brimmer said. The shooting lasted only seconds.

All those killed and injured were teenagers and adults attending the party.

There are going to be a lot of hurting families, Brimmer said, in a Reuters story. Thankfully we don't have things like this happen with any kind of regularity. We are a community of give or take 160,000 people and it's a great city and for something like this to happen is just horrible.