After a decade of smashing and wrecking, Grand Auto Theft comes to iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of GTA, RockStarGames has decided to celebrate by releasing a GTA version for iOS and Android devices. iPad 2 and iPhone 4S are the chosen platforms from the Apple family as they contain an A5 dual-core processor which will be able to support the graphics of GTA III.

iPad 2 was released earlier this year being the second version of the iPad series and the first Apple product to be built with a dual-core processor. iPhone 4S later followed being the second, these two products are the most wanted gadgets this year.

The game is based in a fictional metropolitan city like New York, named Liberty city. The story revolves around a criminal named Claude, who plans to loot a bank along with his girl friend Catalina and a male accomplice. Later he and his accomplice are betrayed by Catalina who runs away with the money. The game will have the same plot, but upgraded graphics to give their users an ultimate gaming experience.

As GTA is a PlayStation game, those who have recently shifted to tablet PCs might face a bit of a problem in playing. As the tablet PC has no external controls everything will be operated through the screen. The direction controls will be available on the left of the screen while the rest of motions will be operated from the right side. Be it gas, breaking, running, walking or getting in and out of the car. The game will also include the option for its players to shift around the controls suiting to their style of play.

RockStarGames has not specified the date it will be brining the game out.width=250

Though sources have reported that the game will be released on 22nd November, there also is news about the price of the game for the devices.

It's certainly good news for all the Apple and GTA fans as they get to have the gadget of their choice and also get to play their favorite game at the same time.



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