Wire fans are a passionate group -- we love to talk to you about the greatness of David Simon's series almost to a fault.

This is why Grantland's greatest The Wire character bracket released this morning is causing such a stir. Bunk Moreland as a one seed? Bodie a three seed? Wire diehard followers will spend more time debating Boris' inclusion in the field (wait, his name is Serge?) than they will with the actual NCAA Tournament bracket. So with that, here are some things that jumped out to us upon first glance:

1) The Ports, and Avon's Dukian Path to the Final Four.

    We understand that Avon ran the predominant drug ring in West Baltimore for years, but even that isn't enough to justify the cakewalk he gets through The Ports region. Even Coach K wouldn't be able to help but smirk if the selection committee treated his Blue Devils with the same respect Avon gets here.

    2) The Wee-Bey/Lester First Round Match-up.

      Both criminally underseeded, how can the committee justify pitting two of the show's best against each other in Round 1? Both have some real Final Four potential, though I'm sure Wee-Bey would trade this distinction for aPit Beef sandwich with extra horseradish. Oh yeah, and for whoever escapes this match up, congratulations, because here comes Stringer Bell in Round 2.

      3) Where Wallace at?!

        Wallace has a good chance to make some noise in the Hamsterdam region. The victim of one of the most emotional moments in the show's five seasons, Wallace has a great draw as a four seed. If he gets past Levy (which isn't a given), he should have a great shot to sink top-seeded Bunk in Round 2. And as we know, The Bunk don't float good.

        4) Look for Bodie to Make a Big Move.

          Another major player in the stacked East Baltimore region, Bodie should be a No. 1 seed. Not many characters had a knack for the game like Bodie, with a passion and skill set that allowed him to shoot (literally) up the ladder in the Barksdale Organization. Probably my #2 overall seed, there couldn't have been anyone watching the season four finale who didn't think he was going to take down Marlo's crew and hold onto his corner. Look for him to enact redemption in taking down Marlo in Round two en route to a championship showdown with Omar.

          5) You Come at the King, You Best Not Miss

            Thank God Kenard didn't get a berth. For everyone else, good luck trying to come at Omar. An endorsement from the President certainly won't hurt this overwhelming favorite whistle through West Baltimore and beyond. Look for this shotgun-totting stick up man to take the whole package at the tournament's conclusion.