GraphOn Corp., an early master in the cloud computing sector, reported release of a revolutionary and paradigm-shattering free app today, downloadable via the Apple App Store, called the GO-Global iPad Client. What makes this amazing little application so powerful is that it functions as a complete portal for viewing and interacting with server-resident Windows-based applications on the iPad when used with GOJO’s GO-Global Windows Host 4 application virtualization solution, providing a complete channel from iPad to Windows.

VP of Product Marketing at GOJO, Asaf Doron, detailed some of the resulting functionality and advanced usability features this new workflow opens up for users, like how the auto-zoom feature is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office applications, automatically zooming on the detected and active section of the screen.

GO-Global Windows Host 4 (location and platform-independent, instant/secure access to Windows from anywhere), which enables cross-platform client and mobile users a full spectrum interactive capability over all networks from LANs to the Internet, even placing legacy applications at the users fingertips, combined with the new GO-Global iPad Client is a force to be reckoned with. Users can download and evaluate the GO-Global iPad Client, connecting to GOJO’s online demo server for evaluation purposes at the following url:

This latest development is a shining example of GOJO’s business strategy to provide solutions for enabling access to applications from anywhere and represents the latest effort as part of the Company’s mobile client initiative. For additional details on the new GO-Global iPad Client and GOJO’s mobile client initiative, please visit the Company’s website at:

Doron expressed great excitement over the Company’s ground-breaking mobile client initiative, of which the iPad client is an initial offering, explaining that the cloud-based delivery of legacy desktop applications to the current and next generations of mobile platforms/devices, ranging from Apple iOS and Android, is a massive market. Doron concluded that the unspeakably vast, Windows, UNIX and Linux legacy applications base, still utilized by companies around the world for critical business process elements, could be readily served in a modular fashion, using such new technology as the GO-Global iPad Client.