The euro eased the slide slightly after comments from Athens dispersing news reports that Greece was seeking an amendment to the EU-IMF safety net agreement and try to bypass the IMF due to the stringent rules.

Following the four-day Easter break investors indulged in a selloff to the euro and Greek assets as investors grew wary and pessimists over the brokered EU-IMF deal and started to see it destined to fail. The fears emerged after Market News International said Greece wants to bypass IMF help due to tough conditions it has been receiving from the IMF. They cited an unidentified official saying the measures are tough and might cause social and political unrest. After that, various cabinet members voiced their opposition to the IMF contribution.

Yet Greece commented on the report from Market New International and according to Reuters that cited an official speaking on terms of anonymity saying that Greece is not rethinking the deal, just one day ahead of the scheduled visit from an IMF delegation to Athens to provide technical assistance and review the nation's finances. The official also said there is no request from Greece to renegotiate the agreement. There is a deal on the support mechanism and we are sticking to it.