Investors remained in doubt today concerning Greece after getting uncertain indications about aid provisions. Conflicting signals came out of the EU over the weekend, with Merkel advising Athens to take care of the debt problem on its own. In addition, a statement said that The Greek prime minister reaffirmed that Greece does not need any financial assistance,

On the other hand, Barroso stated that the EU needed to resolve the Greece problem urgently regardless of the political agenda in member states. Securing the stability of the currency union is in Germany's interest he added. The Deputy Finance Minister of Greece, Philippos Sachinidis said that Athens wanted the euro zone to send the proper message to markets so that the next time Greece goes out to borrow in international markets it will face interest rates that price the Hellenic Republic in a better way.

The Euro remained mixed on the day versus its major counter-currencies, and rebounded from a loss to end the day higher against the US Dollar.