The negotiations between the private sector that hold the Greek bonds and the Greek government have paused as we know last week, as a Prime difference occurred between the parties as the Institute of International Finance which represents the private sector that carry the Greek debt said.

The prime difference that happened between parties was on the coupon on the new bonds which will be swapped by the old one, as the spokesman of the institute said A prime difference relates to the interest rate to be paid on new Greek bonds.

The spokesman said also that There have been differences of views among the official parties to the negotiations, despite the best efforts of the Greek government's leadership, but It's important that the talks conclude as soon as possible.

Evangelos Venizelos, the Greek Finance Minister said last week that negotiations with private sector will resume on January 18, where the IIF said that there is a tentative plan to return to Athens mid week, which will be awaited by investors tomorrow if the negotiations will resume indeed.