After the two-day teleconference between the Greek finance minister, Evangelos Venizelos and the European Union along with International Monetary Funds representatives, Venizelos made good Progress in attempts to avoid default and get the next installment of 2010's bailout package, the European Union said.

The finance minister said in a statement yesterday that Greece with fight to stay in the euro zone, where this is an irreversible and fundamental national choice. We acknowledge that our fiscal data and economic structures are a problem for the euro area, which we are determined to tackle once and for all.

Mr. Evangelos Venizelos is to attend the International Monetary Funds annual meeting in Washington in the coming days, where after he delivers a speech during the meeting, a full mission' will visit Athens again as mentioned in the European Union statement.

The next payment for Greece is likely to be delivered in October as the European Union comments proposed.