Despite mounting frustration and anger in the streets and the strikes that turned violent in central Athens, the parliament still passed the second vote of confidence to the new round of austerity measures to consolidate the shortfall in the budget.

The parliament voted on Thursday in the second round on the strongly resented bill which pay and pension cuts, job cuts, and tax increases for all Greeks. The final saw the Parliament approve the bill 154 votes with 144 against.

Already a draft of the Troika review on Thursday recommended that Greece be handed the sixth tranche of last year's bailout and that the situation is tougher than thought and growth is even slower, and despite the fact that Greece will likely miss this year's budget target it will meet 2012 target with support and austerity measures.

The Greeks are disappointed and losing hope with the economy in recession and the high unemployment. The Parliament vote was amid a 48-hour strike that eventually turned violent causing more than 70 injuries and reportedly one death, which was said to be due to a heart attack as the 53-year-old already suffered from a history for heart problems.