So far, the green Federal currency is weakening, permitting the pound and the euro to gain momentum, as traders left the dollar and are targeting the yellow precious metal pushing it to a record high, after that the International Monetary Fund had sold around 200 tones of gold to India's Central Bank for $6.7 billion, corroding accordingly the appeal of the dollar as a refuge.

Consequently, the euro-dollar pair is climbing to the upside, having the euro advancing considerably against the dollar and trading so around 1.4722 recording a high of 1.4810 and a low of 1.4624 with a resistance at 1.4770 and a low of 1.4684, knowing that the pair is forecasted to continue its incline according to the four-hour momentum indicators.

As for the pound-dollar pair, it is inclining as well as the euro-dollar pair and is showing a tendency to rise to the upside according to the four-hour stochastic-oscillator as the dollar weakened, having the royal pound trading at 1.6430 recording a high of 1.6453 and a low of 1.6259 with a resistance at 1.6515 and a support at 1.6361.

Now, turning to the dollar-yen pair, it is slightly inclining and showing a tendency to rise to the upside on the four-hour momentum indicators, having the pair trading at 90.53 recording a high of 90.57 and a low of 89.85 with a resistance at 90.97 and a support at 89.65.