Green Energy Live Inc. is developing sustainable biomass-to-energy conversion technology to meet a growing need in the nation’s $154 billion livestock industry. The company plans to use its proprietary gasification technology for the development of innovative, on-site manure-to-electricity conversion systems. These systems will enable livestock farmers and ranchers to convert their animal waste into clean, renewable energy.

The company is showing its focus on “the clean side of green” by its expansion of sustainable solutions for the US livestock industry. Earlier this summer, Green Energy Live issued a letter of intent to acquire 100% of the stock of Peck Electric Inc. Peck Electric is Vermont’s leading provider of electrical contracting services. It will provide the company various opportunities to expand into new areas of clean energy products and services.

A significant new growth area for Peck is its exclusive contract to manufacture core electrical components for ElectroCell Technologies’ patented manure treatment technology. This technology uses precisely managed electrical current to treat manure and dramatically reduce pathogens, odor and excess nutrients in livestock manure.

Livestock waste is one of the largest pollutants of waterways in North American and farmers are under increasing regulatory pressure to manage it more effectively. ElectroCell’s technology provides farmers with a powerful tool for regulatory compliance while providing productivity benefits that actually improve farm profits. Peck is poised to increase its revenue nicely as the sole supplier of the control panels of these machines based on forecast demand.

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