As the worldwide IT markets took a major plunge in the current downturn, markets for Green computers and servers will grow $190 billion in 2013, according to analyst.

NexGen Research expects the sector to grow from $37 billion of $249 billion PC market in 2009, to more than $190 billion of the $323-billion PC market in 2013, as customers and companies continue to invest in green technologies to save.

“Vendors want to make money and corporate enterprises want to save money,” analyst Laura DiDio of NextGen Research said.

However, analysts also expect the greater PC market to recover by the end fourth quarter and strengthen of 10.3 percent in 2010.

“Contrary to popular misconception, a conversion to green PCs and servers does not have to take a big bite out of cash-constrained corporations’ capital budgets, Didio said.

“Citing that, Hardware and semiconductor vendors are building more environmentally friendly chips and hardware that offer better performance, consume less power, run cooler and are competitively priced.”