Green Planet Bioengineering Co. Ltd. operates through its Chinese subsidiary to serve as a high-tech bioengineering enterprise. The company researches, develops, produces and markets extracts from tobacco leaves residue for use in health and beauty products.

As of yesterday, the Miami-based company is a publicly traded company on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board, reflecting the company’s ambition to move forward with its business strategy and take advantage of the U.S. marketplace.

“We are very excited to start our entry into the U.S. public market. We have embarked in a dynamic journey and are now well positioned to take Green Planet to the next level in its development,” chairman and CEO of Green Planet Min Zhao stated in the press release. “We are focused on the execution of our business plan which calls for organic as well as acquisition driven growth.”

The company also focuses its R&D efforts to create downstream products for a variety of applications, such as indigenous medicine, pharmaceutical medicines, fertilizers and pesticides, and an array of health products. As the name might imply, Green Planet is working to position itself as a leading provider of bio-ecological health products, which contain tobacco leave and various other plant extracts that might normally be looked over.

“We are eager to execute on our growth strategy and deliver health and bio-ecological products. Our goal is to deliver health products that provide various benefits to the human body and bio-ecological products that protect our environment. We look forward to the challenge and our team will continue to strive and over-achieve for our valued shareholders,” added Sally Ou, vice president of Green Planet’s Sales.

Green Planet is position itself for both organic and acquisition-driven growth. Trading on the OTCBB will not only raise awareness of the company with shareholders, but will also spur the company into further business opportunities.