It’s interesting that economic change creates urgency in so many areas. Even our train of thought and habits are affected. What society did during what used to be considered “normal” economic conditions was not to think about how the little things can adversely affect the planet. Things like having the everlasting paper and plastic bags found in the bins at the market for our disposal. Another would be not concerning themselves with what happens to the over packaged products with a landfill life of about infinity. Most never thought about it, in fact, since the dawn of packaged products, that was the last thing on their mind.

The price of landfill disposal has soared in recent decades and will continue to climb as we run out of room so to speak. Under these serious uncertain times, urgency, forward thinking and a general concern for our planet and future generations have spawned a new breed of companies solely dedicated to that cause.

As a result, 100% bio degradable packaging has taken a turn for the better and looks like it will continue to improve, quickly. Biopack Environmental Solutions Inc. is on the rise because of their innovative designs, and packaging techniques. They are one of the largest global manufacturers, suppliers, and distribution companies in the world specializing in bio packaging. Due to a sudden and sustained rise in concern for the environment, Biopack is able to now project to 2014.