The U.S economy was witness to strong economic fundamentals during the day, where the county's manufacturing activities grew better than forecasts in the past month as reported by the Institute for Supply Management, which bolstered the U.S Dollar while spurring investors to dump high-yielding currencies including the Euro and the sterling.

Meanwhile, markets are anxiously awaiting Friday's infamous jobs report amid the jitters that continue to dominate the scene, as investors grew more convinced the Fed will stimulate the economy amid the downbeat fundamentals released from the U.S economy and the global economy as well.

The Dollar index which measures the performance of the U.S Dollar against a basket of currencies including the Yen, the pound and the Euro, picked up from today's opening at 74.21 to currently trade at74.54 while recording a high of 74.71 and a low of 74.15.

The yellow Shiny Metal dropped to trade at 1823.78 since opening at 1825.56, while crude oil price surged to trade at $88.94 after opening at 88.77.

The Euro fell against the U.S dollar after opening at 1.4363 as the Euro/USD pair recorded a high of 1.4378 and a low of 1.4228 and the pair currently trades at 1.4280, the par is now trading between the key support of 1.4255 and the key resistance of 1.4300.

The Sterling pound dropped against the U.S dollar where the pair currently trades at 1.6174 while recording a high of 1.6253 and a low of 1.6174 since opening at 1.6245, the GBP/USD pair is now trading within the key support of 1.6075 and the key resistance of 1.6190.

The U.S dollar rose slightly against the Japanese Yen after the opening at 76.75 while recording a high of 77.23 and a low of 76 and the pair is currently trading at 76.79, while the pair is trading within the key resistance of 77.20 and key support of 76.40.