The U.S. dollar gained some power against major currencies with the start of Tuesday's session after yesterday's declining that caused by large risk from investor's side after gaining more confident about the American's economy and its outlook.

Today, U.S. dollar raised against the Japanese yen to compensate yesterday's loss, where the pair traded at 82.08 with a high of 82.11 and lowest 81.61.

The Reserve Bank of Australia pointed that it's preferable not to work on inflationary case before the consumer price index which will clear the image to the monetary policy makers to put a suitable policy that control the inflation.

The pair is now trade at 1.04101 after lowest of 1.0388 and high 1.0464 while the opening was at 1.0425.

The NZ/USD is hesitantly moves today, as it recorded highest at 0.8261 and lowest at 0.8266 while the pair now at 0.8242 referring to the absence of the New Zealand's economy news.