GreenChek Technologies Inc. recently announced the addition of a new product to its solutions suite. The GreenChek engineering team has been able to take its base Emission Reduction Device (ERD) and configure a specific design for the locomotive industry. While negotiations with U.S. Rail companies are still underway, GreekChek has already scheduled the first installation of the locomotive ERD units in Europe.

In March 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency passed a three-step program that would significantly reduce the emissions produced by diesel locomotives. Existing locomotives of all types, such as switch, line-haul, and passenger rail, will be included by the new ruling. The new EPA standard will require locomotives to reduce the particulate matter emission by 90% and nitrous oxide emissions by 80%.

According to Lincoln Parke, President of GreenChek, “This new ERD, designed for locomotives, allows our company to initiate our strategic plan to penetrate the locomotive vertical market. These new US EPA standards indicate that there is an increasing demand for emission reduction devices. Our new locomotive ERD further illustrates that GreenChek is well positioned at the forefront of this new green economy.”

Rather than recreate the traditional combustion engines of today, GreekChek is an innovative company focused on bringing its patent-pending hydrogen technology to the market to reduce the amount of unwanted emissions produced by existing combustion engines. The company’s Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI) technology can be added to an existing engine to not only reduce emissions, but also increase the horsepower output and the fuel efficiency of a traditional engine.

Rather than purchase a whole new fleet of vehicles that are more environmentally-friendly, the GreenChek ERD units allow companies to take a less costly and more streamlined approach by retrofitting current fleet vehicle engines to meet new globally-conscious emission standards.

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