GreenChek Technology Inc. manufactures and distributes hydrogen injection technology for mobile transportation applications and stationary power generation applications. Shares of the company surged nearly 43 percent this morning after it issued an update on its corporate accomplishments for 2010.

For the year 2010, GreenChek set four primary goals: to increase the global awareness of its flagship Emission Reduction Device; focus on client development and customer retention via joint research and development; meet and exceed manufacturing quality and emission reduction standards set forth by the industry; and build the team with experienced and valuable members.

To meet its goals, the company launched a marketing campaign to raise awareness for the need for the emission reduction of vehicles worldwide. The company also raised awareness through its participation in pilot programs in France, as well as networking with the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

“Our efforts and work toward the pilot program in France and to interact with the departments of the CARB program were great opportunities for us. Not only did we gain knowledge of the certification process and emission criteria for both the European and American markets, we have in turn increased the awareness of our product through the official channels of those respective markets,” GreenChek President Lincoln Parke stated in the press release.

The company also launched two new Web sites. The first site,, contains general product and industry information. The second site,, contains investor relations information as well as information for strategic corporate partners.

To execute its mission to increase its client base, increase sales, and establish good working relationships with industry leaders, GreenChek worked closely with fleet owners and their test facilities in the UK and France to enhance the ERD machine.

Based on the test results and assessment, the company released a new platform of the ERD, ERD – 3.0, a “stable platform, which is deemed world-class.” From the launch of ERD – 3.0, the company was able to improve its marketing and sales, secure a new client, and receive a purchase order to manufacture two ERD – 3.0 devices for that client.

“The company has made great progress in the research and development arena. With the collaboration of our existing clients in the fleet industry, we have made ERD – 3.0. The ERD – 3.0 is the most robust platform we have built to date, and allows the device to be retrofitted on a broader range of vehicles and on different types and sizes of combustible engines,” Parke stated.

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