GreenChek Technology has a stated focus of “giving back to the environment while redesigning the future”. A lot of companies talk “green”, but GreenChek can back up everything they say. The key is a unique technology called Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI), a way of using hydrogen to increase engine efficiency and greatly reduce emissions.

Hydrogen has long been known as a way of improving the fuel combustion process, but a system that can generate hydrogen onsite or onboard a vehicle represents a huge step in making the benefits of hydrogen immediately available to the marketplace. Much of the talk about hydrogen as a vehicle energy source has revolved around the development of complex technologies and a vast hydrogen distribution network, things that, even optimistically, could take decades to achieve. But GreenChek’s patent-pending OHGI technology involves none of that, and, in fact, is already available for both mobile and stationary use.

GreenChek’s OHGI allows companies and individuals to reduce fuel expenditures without having to purchase an expensive new hybrid vehicle. In addition, OHGI increases horsepower, improves engine life, and reduces maintenance costs. More importantly, emissions are lowered by as much as 50%, as verified by a world class 3rd party testing organization, Clean Air Technologies International.

Additionally, the technology is scalable for application to any industry. While GreenChek is currently going after the mobile transportation sectors of trucks and locomotives, a major pollution source, they also have a strategic plan to pursue the marine industry, which continues to experience challenges from excessive shipping emissions and ocean acidification due to dissolving carbon dioxide.

To GreenChek, the social and environmental benefits are clear: less dependence upon fossil fuels and their foreign suppliers, and less pollution of the air and water. As stated by Lincoln Parke, GreenChek president and CEO, “I believe that the abuse of our environment must stop and we need alternative fuel sources to combat the rising cost of fossil fuels. Excessive worldwide emissions need to be reined back immediately. It would be very easy to say that with recently announced G8 initiatives to cut worldwide emissions by half by 2050 we can leave it to future generations to repair the damage to our environment. However, we at GreenChek believe that we must do something about this today and we must begin minimizing emissions immediately. This was the premise behind the conception of GreenChek.”

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