GreenChek Technologies Inc., a provider of hydrogen fuel cell technology for commercial transportation and stationary power generation applications, announced today after the closing bell that Tianjin Sherma in Tianjin, China has committed a 4,000 square foot facility for the manufacture of GreenChek’s ERD technology. Management expects the new state-of-the art manufacturing plant to be operational in eight weeks.

With a determined production capacity of 1,050 units per production line per month, GreenChek Technologies will be able to generate roughly $50.4 million dollars in annual revenue per production line, at full capacity, at current prices. Management believes that its projected sales forecast and marketing initiative in North America, combined with its growing network in Europe, has uniquely positioned the company to benefit from the steadily increasing traditional energy costs and global energy demand.

GreenChek’s President Lincoln Parke stated, “The manufacturing facility in Tianjin, China will enable our company to address the growing demand for emission reduction devices in multiple markets. The new US EPA standards indicate that there is an increasing demand for these devices. The manufacturing facility further illustrates that GreenChek is well positioned at the forefront of this new green economy.”

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