GreenCheck Technology, Inc. is working hard to secure a bright future, and not just for itself. The San Francisco based emissions reduction technology company has latched on to a technology that offers multiple benefits to future generations, while ensuring itself a profitable place at the table.

The technology is the rapidly growing field of Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection, OHGI, and it represents a unique way of dealing with the many problems brought on by the use of fossil fuels. OHGI is drawing a lot of attention due to its many beneficial features related to vehicle emission reduction.

• Reduces emissions by as much as 50%
• Increases horsepower and fuel efficiency, while reducing costs
• Resides onboard the vehicle, and does not require large outside distribution infrastructure
• Has none of the safety concerns of stored hydrogen
• Reduces engine wear and decreases maintenance
• Can be retrofitted onto existing vehicles
• Is also available for stationary use
• Is scalable to any size vehicle
• Is ready for use today

GreenChek’s patent-pending OHGI system extracts hydrogen from water, and injects it into the combustion process, significantly improving burn efficiency and reducing emissions. It allows companies to reduce fuel expenditures without having to purchase expensive new hybrids or other vehicles. The company is currently targeting the most significant sources of vehicular pollution, trucks and locomotives, but it also has plans for the marine industry, where it can reduce emissions as well as ocean acidification.

The company expects significant support from increased government regulations. Emission reductions are being mandated across Europe, and the OHGI technology meets their existing green industry standards. GreenChek is already applying for Carbon Credit approved status in participating countries around the world, and this will allow for government subsidies for each unit sold in the near future.

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