GreenCheck Technology, Inc. has a solution for what could be the century’s biggest problem. Over and above immediate concerns about the economy, and other ongoing social/organizational issues, looms the increasing sense that we are rapidly losing control of our physical world. The biggest single variable in the world, our climate, is becoming a runaway train. To make matters worse, the common answers being proposed are bogged down in controversy, which is understandable since they usually involve commitments of decades and billions of dollars.

Enter GreenChek Technology, a San Francisco based emissions reduction technology company, and key player in the emerging field of Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection, OHGI. GreenCheck’s patent pending OHGI system provides an immediate way that all types of vehicles, from cars and trucks to locomotives and ships, can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the prime suspect in global warming. It’s immediate because the technology doesn’t require development and investment in huge new energy distribution systems. Nor does it require a major industrial overhaul in the production of new vehicles, or years of waiting for the replacement of existing vehicles.

GreenChek’s OHGI system is available now, ready for installation on existing vehicles, a retrofit that is already being targeted at commercial trucking fleets and locomotives, two of the biggest emission sources. The deceptively simple onboard system extracts hydrogen from water, and injects it into the combustion process, significantly improving burn efficiency and reducing emissions by as much as 50%. As if that weren’t enough, the system has the important side benefit of boosting fuel economy.

Today, with governments all over the world anticipating continually tightening emission restrictions, and rewarding compliant companies with a variety of financial incentives, GreenChek sees its market as virtually any vehicle on the planet that uses an internal combustion engine. Of primary initial interest is the trucking industry, the source of nearly 30% of worldwide global greenhouse gas output, along with the locomotive industry, another big polluter. Both industries are faced with the new European Union regulatory requirements aimed at:

• Reducing emissions
• Increasing fuel efficiency
• Reducing energy expenditures and increasing profitability

GreenChek’s OHGI technology addresses all three of these goals, and is available now. It’s why GreenChek has positioned itself to be the preeminent company in this new world industry.

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