GreenCheck Technology, Inc. (GCHK.OB) is becoming a global leader in an industry that remains largely unknown to the general public, although this is starting to change. When most people think of environmental and energy issues, and how to address them, they can be forgiven for thinking only in terms of hybrid cars, or sun and wind power, or perhaps bio-fuels. But there is a separate industry, based upon grass-roots growth versus big industrial capital, which offers a unique approach to the challenge of both environmental protection and energy independence.

The technology is called Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI), and, although it involves hydrogen, it does not require billions of dollars in infrastructure for implementation. That’s because, as its name implies, the hydrogen is generated onboard, meaning it does not need massive hydrogen generation facilities and distribution channels. The hydrogen, once generated, is then used to improve the overall combustion process, making the engine run more efficiently, saving fuel and reducing emissions by as much as 50%.

Emission reductions this significant won’t remain under the public radar for long, especially when they could apply to virtually any transportation vehicle anywhere in the world, including major sources of pollution like trucks, ships, and railway engines. Such heavy emitters are targets of heavy penalties from government regulations, particularly considering European Union and Kyoto Protocol requirements. People are increasingly anxious for economically viable solutions to environmental problems that will pay for themselves sooner rather than later.

OHGI offers the opportunity to dramatically decrease emissions of greenhouse gases, while also increasing fuel efficiency and reducing operating costs. It’s a double benefit of particular value to commercial applications, like trucking. It’s estimated that nearly 30% of worldwide greenhouse gas output comes from the trucking industry, and government pressure on truckers represents a potentially huge financial hit. But now, instead of having to replace entire fleets, a relatively simple and inexpensive retrofit could let them meet emission requirements while actually reducing their fuel costs.

Although it’s true that nobody knows for certain how all of this will play out, GreenChek Technologies is already taking a leading role as one of the primary producers and distributors of the OHGI solution. The company, with its patent pending technology, has a clear goal, to be the preeminent company in the OHGI industry.

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