GreenCheck Technology, Inc. has staked out a role for itself in the world’s future that most companies would envy for its clarity and credibility. The San Francisco based emissions reduction technology company looks forward to a global market for its products that could grow indefinitely, fueled by increasing pressure from world governments, and the public, to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Specifically, the company’s stated mission is to become the pre-eminent supplier of OHGI technology for mobile transportation and industrial power generation applications while positively impacting the environment. And right now there is no company in a better position to realize that vision.

OHGI stands for Onboard Hydrogen Generation & Injection, and it provides an immediate solution to the transportation industry for fossil fuel emissions. By way of an onboard system, hydrogen is extracted from water and injected into the combustion process, significantly improving burn efficiency and reducing emissions by as much as 50%. The process also has the important side benefit of improving fuel economy.

GreenChek’s plan for moving forward is as well defined as its goal with a three-pronged approach for progress:

1) Extensive commercial utilization of OHGI technology as it applies to mobile applications

2) Continued development of market-ready products through the effective leveraging of human and technological resources

3) Focusing efforts and expanding product markets through joint-ventures, mergers, or acquisitions

Their current emphasis is on the key global growth markets for their technology: mobile transportation and industrial power generation, with a primary emphasis on retrofitting of commercial truck fleets and locomotives, two of the biggest emission sources.

On the basis of 3rd party independent test results, the company is convinced that OHGI provides an immediate solution to the transportation industry for greenhouse gases precipitated by fossil fuel emissions. Green house gas emission reductions are being mandated across Europe and this technology meets the existing “Carbon Credit” green industry standards. GreenChek is already applying for Carbon Credit approved status in participating countries around the world, which will allow for government subsidies for each unit sold in the near future.

Because of this, the company expects tremendous demand for its Emission Reduction Devices (ERDs) by the mobile transportation industry. However, the scalability and versatility of OHGI technology allows future generations of products to be easily adaptable, allowing GreenChek to aggressively penetrate and establish market share in many additional industries.

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