Over the last decade many influential Americans have joined the revolution to create a more environmentally-friendly world. After the release of Al Gore’s 2006 documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, everyday citizens joined the cause. Based upon consumer demand and a change in governmental focus, businesses are now creating “greener” products. The majority of products that we find in stores today are shipped via train and shipping trucks. GreenChek Technology, Inc. has developed technology that will reduce the pollution and unwanted emissions created by the transportation industry.

Fuels produced with heavy fossil fuels emit carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, sulphur and particulate matter. GreenChek’s Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI) technology significantly reduces the emissions produced by traditional combustion engines while improving both the fuel efficiency and horsepower output. The company’s patent-pending ERD™ 1.0 (Emission Reduction Device) uses the OHGI technology and can be adapted to all combustion engines.

The ERD 1.0 converts water into hydrogen gas, which is then added into the combustion engine. The addition of the hydrogen gas lowers the amount of fossil fuel used by an engine while it increases the efficiency of the process. To power up the unit, a consumer does not need to purchase and add any unusual chemicals into the unit. The ERD 1.0 only works when the combustion engine is in use and when there is water in the unit’s reservoir. If a consumer were to forget to replenish the reservoir, the ERD 1.0 will not be activated since no water is present.

The ERD 1.0 will not produce any adverse effects to the existing combustion system. Since the unit only benefits an engine’s function, basic vehicle warranties are not voided by the addition of the ERD 1.0. Studies have shown that engines will actually operate at a lower operating temperature than normal when an ERD unit is added, which results in reduced wear and tear on an engine.

GreenChek has decided to focus its marketing efforts to companies with fleet vehicles such as heavy duty trucks and locomotives. European companies and municipalities in Europe have shown a strong interest in incorporating the ERD units to their trucking fleets. GreenChek is also evaluating the opportunity to approach the aviation and ocean-faring companies with the OHGI technology.

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