GreenChek Technology, Inc. is poised to benefit big from a unique alignment of government and marketplace conditions. It’s a rare combination that has in the past propelled small, relatively unknown companies into the stratosphere. Back then the word was “computer”. Today the word is “green”, and the companies that stand to benefit most are the ones that apply the best green technologies to address the most significant environmental and energy problems.

GreenChek’s unique patent pending green technology, called Onboard Hydrogen Generation and Injection (OHGI) allows any vehicle (or stationary combustion engine) to significantly improve efficiency and reduce emissions through a simple retro-fit, without having to change fuels or the way it operates. The inexpensive onboard system extracts hydrogen from water, and injects it into the combustion process, reducing emissions by as much as 50%, while at the same time boosting fuel economy. It’s hard to imagine a better product for its time.

With world governments now desperately seeking immediate and cost-effective ways to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy, GreenChek has a product applicable to virtually any vehicle on the planet. The company is already applying for Carbon Credit approved status in participating countries around the world, which will allow for government subsidies for each unit sold. GreenChek is also in the process of forming partnerships with several Fortune 500 companies, in addition to the French government, with plans to launch its OHGI system in the U.S., Asia, and Europe.

It’s not surprising that some are saying the company’s share price, currently trading at less than 30¢, could be at worth least 10 times higher. As mentioned, this is a rare alignment and GreenChek has reason to be excited. As part of an earlier decision to pour money into the latest computer technologies and applications, the government gave a small contract to an unknown company, first traded as a penny stock in 1986. The company, Oracle, is now one of the largest software operations in the world. If you want to guess Oracle’s share price gain, think around 8,000%.

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