Shares of Greenhouse Holdings Inc. are currently trading at $4.50 per share. The stock is up $1.85 a share, or 69.81%, for the day. Greenhouse Holdings was recently mentioned – on April 13, 2010 – in the QualityStocks Free Daily Newsletter. On that day, the company’s stock was trading for only $2 a share. In less than two weeks, any investor who purchased Greenhouse Holdings on that day has already seen a 125% return on their investment!

Greenhouse Holdings is a global energy solutions and ethanol fuel provider based in San Diego. The company recently announced it had signed a letter of intent with Karl Strauss Brewing Company, a leading US craft beer company. Greenhouse will install an E-Fuel MicroFueler, an innovative, portable ethanol micro-refinery fuel system, at the Karl Strauss main brewery in San Diego. This innovative system will allow the brewery to turn its discarded organic waste into ethanol fuel.

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