One company on the rise is GreenHouse Holdings Inc. Located in San Diego, California, GreenHouse provides energy savings solutions that address the broad market range of homeowners, government agencies and Third World countries. The young company has quickly become a friend of the marketplace and the environment.

Today, GreenHouse took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement that they have partnered with TEECO International to deploy a one-megawatt energy tree for the city of Las Vegas. The energy tree will utilize a 40-foot high tower which includes photovoltaic panels, wind turbines and, most importantly, a state-of-the-art generator producing 1 MW of clean energy.

The partnership with TEECO will make GreenHouse an even more powerful name across the marketplace. TEECO has quickly grown into a worldwide leader in the energy and aerospace fields. The combination of GreenHouse and TEECO deploying the energy tree has the potential to create a revolutionary technology energy plant which may be installed and removed in less than 8 hours. While the efficiency is apparent, this project also has the potential to create an abundance of green jobs throughout the state of Nevada.

When asked about the effects of the partnership between GreenHouse and TEECO as it pertains to the future of Nevada, Dan Hyde who serves as the Executive Director of the Las Vegas Regional Clean Cities Coalition, was quoted as saying, “We believe this hybrid infrastructure of the Energy Tree along with the ethanol solution provided by GreenHouse could change the way Nevada and the rest of the country uses renewable fuel.”

Russ Earnshaw, who serves as the President of GreenHouse Holdings, stated, “This groundbreaking solution offers a clean, sustainable and rapid-deployment source of energy that can help lower the energy costs and reduce the carbon footprint of one of the most trafficked cities in the world, Las Vegas.”

The effects of this partnership have unlimited potential and benefits for the environment and the marketplace. The goal of GreenHouse Inc. and TEECO is to make a cleaner environment while cutting the unemployment rate across the state of Nevada.

GreenHouse Holdings Inc. is currently trading in the $11.75 range and has continued to make major strides in their company. The deal with TEECO could help GreenHouse evolve into a household name. To learn more about this project or what GreenHouse has in their pipeline, visit their website at:

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