GreenHouse, – the San Diego-based sustainable solutions provider with a global reach and a broad technology footprint which spans energy, infrastructure and biofuel, disclosed details today regarding a partnership with PepsiCo® to upgrade energy efficiency at Pepsi’s Buena Park bottling plant.

GreenHouse will act in its capacity as a qualified service provider of Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Automated Demand Response (Auto-DR) program, utilizing the Auto-DR system to reduce power consumption during costly peak hours while allowing PepsiCo to reduce operating costs and thus also receive financial incentives from SCE.

Customers of SCE using the Auto-DR program participate in an evolving smart energy grid initiative which is eco-friendly and readily promotes the responsible management of “critical resources like the electrical grid”, according to PepsiCo’s VP of Mfg., Pablo Cussatti.

Financial incentives and tech support for SCE customers with automated load control systems participating in the Auto-DR program make the deal even sweeter, and allow for automated energy optimization during demand response events and peak energy demand.

This constitutes a further recognition by PepsiCo of their commitment to transforming their infrastructure along energy-conscious parameters. Cussatti hailed SCE and GRHU for their dedication to helping the whole environment, from the underlying ecological biomes to PepsiCo and other ratepayers, through the judicious implementation of the Auto-DR program.

VP of GRHU, Rob Davis, described the symmetrical relationship between Auto-DR and the Company’s own vision of deploying cutting-edge technology and methods to reduce energy consumption.

Davis characterized this high-profile deal with Pepsi as an honor, and projected that it would likely be the first of many opportunities to participate in Pepsi’s ongoing corporate sustainability initiatives, as GRHU’s business philosophy is the employment of green solutions to reduce costs and increase profitability.