Owen (Kevin McKidd) may have kicked off Season 11 of “Grey’s Anatomy” as a single, but it doesn’t look like the chief of surgery will be flying solo for much longer! During an interview with TVLine, Shonda Rhimes, the mastermind behind the long-running medical drama, dished that viewers can expect Owen to get his fair share of romance when Season 11 of the ABC medical drama returns Thursday, Jan. 29, for its winter premiere, “Where Do We Go From Here?”

According to the showrunner, Owen will have two prospective girlfriends when episode 9 airs– both of whom work alongside the good doctor at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. So, who are the scrub-donning contenders that could steal Owen’s heart? TVLine explained that both newly single Owen and Callie will push each other to get back into the dating scene, which is when audiences can expect Owen to fall right into the lap of Amelia (Caterina Scoresone).

“That could be interesting,” McKidd told the Hollywood Reporter during an interview in October, toying with the idea of his character dating Scoresone’s. “I’d like to explore that for the character. I think Shonda is interested in that idea. The damage of those two characters could really be interesting to put together. It could create a lot of comedy.”

Scoresone addressed the rumors of a possible Owen/Amelia relationship when she sat down for an interview with E! Online. "In terms of Owen and Amelia, seeing their bond grow is so interesting. They have so much scar tissue and baggage and pain that they've dealt with individually, so knowing that there is someone at the hospital who can relate on a personal level is going to be really healing for them both,” the actress said.

But Amelia isn’t the only coworker Owen can relate to on an emotional level. Rhimes teased that Owen may have his sights set on the same woman who pushed him to play the field. That’s right -- we’re talking about an Owen and Callie rendezvous!

“I have thought of that — and I don’t know why that is still not a possibility. I don’t know why you think that’s not a possibility,” she explained of the two doctors coming together romantically. “Yeah, we’ve thought of every possibility for Owen and how he can have a baby — believe me.”

Owen and Callie are both interested in expanding their families, which is why these two baby-crazed characters coming together might be just what the doctor ordered.

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