The last episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” left us hanging off a pretty steep cliff after Maggie (Kelly McCreary) revealed to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) that she was the daughter of Ellis Grey (Kate Burton), which would make the new head of Cardiothoracic Surgery Mer’s half-sister. How did Meredith react? Well, she wasn’t too thrilled to say the least. In fact, when episode 3 of Season 11 aired on Thursday night Meredith went as far to call Maggie a “stalker.”

“I do not need another sister. She’s a lying liar. I would know if my mother were pregnant when I was five. My mother was not pregnant when I was five. She’s like a psycho,” she told her “new person,” as Alex (Justin Chambers) prepared for the most important meeting of his life – in the shower.

Jo (Camilla Luddington) heard the two friends bickering away as she held her ear to the bathroom door. Turns out, the girl is a bit jealous that her boyfriend is spending some heavy-duty quality time with her superior. What, you don’t have heart-to-heart conversations with you friends in the bathroom while they’re cleaning themselves, Jo? Weird.

“Got to be Real” then cut to a scene of Owen (Kevin McKidd) bringing Callie (Sara Ramirez) to a Veteran’s hospital. There they met a very skeptical vet who had lost both his legs. He’s in disbelief that Callie’s free, pain free, six million-dollar robotic leg could really help him pursue his dream of becoming a ranger. And rightfully so. After Callie does a few tests, she learns that he’s not compatible with the prosthesis when she discovers the botched amputation had prevented the nerves in his legs to connect with the sensors of the prosthetic.

After admitting there’s nothing she can do to solve the issue, Owen “orders” her to find a way around the problem. “You don’t get these guys’ hopes up and leave them with nothing,” Owen argued. But Callie rebuttals saying she wasn’t the one blabbering throughout the rehab facilitation about a magical prosthetic that could restore the amputees’ ability to walk.

“I’m about to go in there and crush his dreams because of you,” she said.

But the prosthesis dilemma wasn’t the only medical emergency to occur at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital during episode to. Tonight’s jaw-dropping medicinal moment goes to the man who collided with a lumber truck, leaving him with a tree branch lodged through his chest turning him into a human- shish kabob.

However, leave it to Shonda Rhimes, creator behind the hit ABC series, to give fans a comedic moment during the episode's most gruesome scene. As soon as the tree-man was brought into the Seattle hospital everyone started taking pictures – including Bailey (Chandra Wilson), who totally snapped a selfie. That’ll get at least 100 likes.

As Grey Sloan faced an exciting day of drama, Meredith spent hers playing detective with Alex. The two used their smarts to get to the bottom of the case of whether or not Maggie was really Mer’s half-sister. After digging up Maggie’s birth date, which happened to be in the spring of ’83 (the same time Meredith’s mother attempted suicide), the two discovered Elli’s hospital information from that terrible day.

“Patient was unaware of pregnancy when admitted,” Meredith read out loud, allowing the words to become real. So, should she start planning the family reunion party now or later?

After receiving blows-after-blows, Rhimes gave us a silver lining to tonight’s hectic episode when Jackson (Jesse Williams) revealed he could help Callie’s veteran by surgically moving his nerves to match the ones of the robotic leg. Perfectly timed, Owen approached Callie to apologize – well, sort of. He halfway does it until Callie calls him out. Owen explains that the reason behind his outburst stems from his frustration regarding Cristina (Sandra Oh) leaving.

He revealed while part of him is happy to see her live out her dreams, another part feels as thought its unfair she went to Switzerland, leaving him behind. Owen continued to say that he just wanted some good, which is why he was so invested on helping the veterans. After his admission, Callie broke the news that his vet was getting the leg after all, explaining Jackson’s exciting idea.

Episode 3 had its fair share of confrontations: Callie and Arizona (Jessica Chapshaw) argued over having another baby, ultimately coming to the conclusion that they weren’t going ahead with a surrogate and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) butted heads in surgery after Derek bullied his sister with the diss that “he’s a better doctor.”

But Amelia wouldn’t back down. She stuck up for herself, ultimately giving Derek a moment to explain the motives behind his bad behavior. He’s angry about not moving to D.C.. and feels as though it’s a step backwards in his career. He even admitted that he felt “forced” by Meredith to turn down the job. But Amelia quickly gives him perspective saying that’s what he’s doing now that he’s not longer the President’s right hand, medical man. According to his sister, he’s stomping around the hospital like the king of medicine, making everyone else feel insignificant -- sentiment we're sure Meredith could argue with

The most exciting part of episode 3 is when Richard (James Pickens, Jr.) confronted Maggie about being her father. Prior to breaking the news, Richard met up with Meredith to discuss the situation. She’s in shock that he knew about Maggie being her sister for one week and didn’t say anything. And she’s not the only one who feels that way.

When Richard finally revealed his true identity, Maggie cut him off, admitting she original had an inclination that he was her birth father. But when he didn’t say anything she quickly dismissed that theory.

“Days went by and you never said anything,” she began, questioning what kind of person would keep a secret like that. “No one decent. No one honest. A coward.”

Maggie then came to the conclusion that the only reason Richard didn’t want to tell her the truth is because he must have not wanted her to begin with. But that’s not true. As Richard previously told Meredith, he felt as though Ellis had completely robbed him of fatherhood. But Maggie isn’t interested in hearing what Richard has to say. She has completely lost trust in him.

The episode concluded on a rather solemn note with almost everyone in the boardroom looking depressed (expect for Jackson -- he’s the only one on cloud nine right now). After hours of perfecting their pitches of why they would be the best choice to fill Cristina’s seat on the board, it was ultimately Bailey who was chosen over Alex.

Did you think Bailey deserved the position over Alex? Are you surprised with how Maggie reacted to Richard? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on episode 3 of “Grey’s Anatomy.”