“Grey’s Anatomy” will be welcoming a new character to Season 11 of the hit ABC series when the medical drama returns to the small screen Thursday, Sept. 25, at 9 p.m. EDT. Reports indicate Annet Mahendru, who fans best know from her appearances as Nina Sergeevna Krylova on the serial drama “The Americans,” will be trading in her KGB badge for a pair of scrubs or a hospital gown.

The actress Friday tweeted to her thousands of followers she “had fun @GreysABC today.” TVLine then confirmed the “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 11 casting rumor was legitimate. Mehendru will be appearing in an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” this fall as a guest star.

However, any news regarding Mehandru’s role on the upcoming installment of the series created by Shonda Rhimes has been kept under wraps. So, it’s not been confirmed whether or not Mahendru would be making her debut as someone in the medical field or a patient when she makes her guest appearance. But after considering Mehendru’s one-off appearance on the series it’s been theorized the actress would most likely be playing a patient or a relative of one.

Previously Mehendru has guest-starred on critically acclaimed series like “White Collar,” “The Blacklist” and “2 Broke Girls.” Fans of the actress can also anticipate to hear Mehendru’s voice portraying the character of Eva in the “Penguins of Madagascar.”

Mehendru will be joining Geena Davis, who has recently been cast in a major role, as one of the new faces on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Reports indicate Davis’ character will make her “Grey’s Anatomy” debut in the Season 11 premiere, “I Must Have Lost it in the Wind,” which was named after Elton John’s hit single. However, unlike Mehendru’s character, it looks like Davis will be playing the recurring role of a surgeon, Entertainment Weekly reported. A behind the scenes image can be seen here.

Are you excited to see Mehendru during the upcoming season of “Grey’s Anatomy”? What theorization can you make about the actress’ secretive character in Season 11 of the ABC medical drama? Sound off in the comments section below with your predictions.