“Grey’s Anatomy” kicked off its Season 11 premiere with a flashback to Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) past. Present-day Mer revealed to viewers a moment from her childhood when her mother lost her in a park. When she finally found her mom, Ellis (Sally Pressman) was crying. Next thing Meredith knew, her mother was in the hospital -- bleeding. The bits and pieces from the past reveal Meredith’s mother had given birth to a baby. Meredith explained how her mother told her to stay quiet, which meant she wasn’t allowed to ask questions. But eventually the surgeon would get some answers -- even if she wasn’t looking for them.

We knew Maggie (Kelly McCreary) was going to play a large role in the new season, but it wasn’t until the premiere of episode 1, “We Must Have Lost It On the Wind,” did we learn just how vital Meredith’s half-sister was to the plot of Season 11. During Dr. Webber’s (James Pickens Jr.) Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, he spilled his guts that he recently discovered he had a daughter, who he never knew existed. Unfortunately, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone), his co-worker, was at that same AA meeting, getting a whiff of Webber’s dark secret. During work, he begs Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) sister not to speak of what she learned. She responds by saying the meetings are anonymous for a reason.

As it turns out, Maggie knows Meredith is her sister, which is why she tried to cozy up to her big sis on the roof of Sloan Grey as a helicopter attempted to make an emergency landing. However, the wind was so strong that the whirling vehicle had a difficult time lowering the body of a nearly dead hiker. The gust was so strong in fact that it blew a gurney right off the roof -- and right onto a car.

Owen (Kevin McKidd) ran down to where the gurney fell, only to be greeted by screaming teenagers. That’s when Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) noticed that the teens stuck in the smashed car were cancer patients of theirs. Closer inspection revealed that the duo were having sex when the gurney fell and landed on their heads.

Both David and his girlfriend were seriously injured, with blood oozing from their skulls. But it wasn’t until David’s girlfriend had shaved her head (to get the pieces of glass removed) did they realize how dangerous her trauma really was. She was taken into surgery on a grim note but thankfully ended up surviving.

While the teen drama unfolded, Maggie and Meredith were channeling their own inner children, quarreling throughout the surgery of the hiker. While Maggie wanted to give her patient an echo, Meredith overruled her to get him into surgery. Not wanting to step on her big sister’s toes, Maggie let Meredith have her way. That is, until she appeared in the OR with orders a-blazin'. She told Mer that if the echo had been done they could have figured out what was wrong with the hiker faster than poking around with surgical tools. During their banter the hiker’s kidney went missing, only adding fuel to their sibling rivalry. Funny thing is Meredith has no idea Maggie is actually her sister. We can’t wait to see her reaction when she finally learns the truth.

The Season 11 premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” had another rivalry between Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Karev (Justin Chambers), who were both promised Cristina’s (Sandra Oh) position on the board after she left for Sweden. Webber revealed the position would ultimately be awarded to the person who received the majority of votes from the current members.

Throughout episode 1, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) pondered whether or not he should move to D.C. to pursue his White House dreams. However, the hiker, who lost his family on the mountain, explained his regret for leaving his family to find help. “I should have never left them,” he said to Derek, who applied the advice to his own life. Eventually the hiker reunited with his family who was found a day after their car broke down.

As Derek questioned the big move, his wife and her secretive half-sister had a sibling hash out over the wacky events. Maggie couldn’t believe the lack of professionalism she witnessed, but Meredith explained to Cristina’s replacement that she needed to earn her respect. Maggie was in disbelief and revealed that she couldn’t understand why she ever wanted to get Meredith to like her in the first place -- to which Mer responded that she doesn’t have to ever worry about that. Burn!

Dr. Webber overheard the argument and later found Maggie taking out her frustration on a vending machine that ate her money.

“I was going to talk to her today. Tell her,” Maggie said to Webber, who admitted he knew Meredith was her sister. “First I was going to win her over with my talent and charm. I found my sister and I think I hate her. She’s terrible. Screw her,” she ranted, adding that she doesn’t need to add any unwanted blood relatives to her life. That’s when Webber handed his secret daughter two dollars so she could get her granola bar.

But the episode didn’t end on a Webber/Maggie note. It actually ended in a bar with Meredith questioning her marriage over drinks with her "new person," Alex. That’s when Derek walked in to reveal he didn’t take the job in D.C.

“No job is worth it to me. I want to be with you and the kids,” he said.

“You should call them back and say you were kidding,” Meredith responded. Clearly she’s worried he will resent her.

“I chose. I chose you and the kids,” he said. That’s when Meredith announced she needed to get another drink. She sat down next to Maggie at the bar and at the exact same moment the two order tequila. Guess the lime doesn’t fall too far from the tree after all.

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