“Grey’s Anatomy” is returning to its roots – it’s sexy, campy, lighter-toned roots. According to Jason George, who portrays the hunky doc Ben Warren, show creator Shonda Rhimes and the ABC writers are breathing new, refreshing life back into the Season 12 storyline.

“[The writers] hit reboot almost,” the actor told People magazine, teasing that the upcoming installment of “Grey’s Anatomy” would remind fans why they “fell in love with [the show] in the first place.”

“It has that lightness and a sense of humor,” he added.

But how is it possible that our favorite Grey Sloan surgeons will be capable of cracking a smile after the tragic events that took place in Season 11? (During the previousl installment, friends, family and fans of Derek [Patrick Dempsey] were forced to say goodbye to McDreamy after he was fatally injured in a horrific car crash.) Well, according to Rhimes, the scrub-sporting characters were able to move on thanks to the 12-month time jump that occurred following Derek’s demise.

“I couldn’t imagine a world in which Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) could go a month and be able to speak or breathe — or [even] six months,” Rhimes told TVLine, explaining what bolstered her decision for the massive flash-forward. “I needed time to pass for her to even be in a place where I felt like she could have a conversation.”

Derek’s demise hovered like a dark cloud over the show’s plot – even after the massive time jump. So, Rhimes is speeding up the clock for the Seattle residents once again, having Season 12 pick up three months after the finale took place. That will give the show’s characters sufficient time to grieve, mourn and find a way to laugh again.

"We had a table read last week in which I have never heard the entire room laugh that much — I want to say since season one — the entire room was laughing and everybody broke into applause when we were done reading," Rhimes hinted at how campy Season 12 would be during an interview with the Hollywood Reporter in August. "It was a nice feeling to be so light again but in a way that didn't feel like we were trying so hard; it felt natural."

“Grey’s Anatomy” will return with its lighter Season 12 on Thursday, Sept. 24, at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.