“Grey’s Anatomy” is going on winter break, but it went out with a bang. Season 13, episode 9 saw Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital dealing with an influx of patients due to the collapse of a local apartment building. While the doctors got to work trying to save lives, outside drama created even more chaos on the ABC drama. 

The episode opens with a typical day — Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), Alex (Justin Chambers) and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) are driving to work. They’re trying to decide when the best time to drink after Alex’s court hearing, which he doesn’t think he’s going to win. The trio’s lighthearted conversation is cut short as they watch a building collapse before their eyes. As shocking as this moments was, it was hardly the most jaw-dropping moment of the night.

Here are eight of the most notable moments from the Season 13 winter finale of “Grey’s Anatomy”:

Jo May Have To Take The Witness Stand:

As patients flooded the emergency room floor at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, Jo (Camilla Luddington) can’t seem to take her mind off personal issues. She approaches DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti), who’s been tasked with taking photos of every patient brought in from the building collapse, to ask him whether he was aware that she’s been called to the stand in he and Alex’s case. DeLuca is as stunned as Jo, revealing that his lawyer believed that because she was drunk when Alex assaulted him she would not have to testify.

Jo worries that taking the stand in the case will expose the dark secret she’s been harboring from Alex since their relationship began. She’s also afraid that having this on public record will potentially lead her abusive ex right to her.

The Patients Turn On One Another:

Fearful that his life is ending, one of the building collapse victims demands a priest. All the clergymen of every denomination are busy, which leaves only Ben (Jason George). He goes to the patient’s bedside and, before he can reveal that he’s not a man of God, the patient spills his guts — he reveals that he was the one responsible for the collapse as he knew the building had earthquake damage and did not bother to fix it.

The man is rushed to surgery moments later, which he survives. Ben returns to his bedside, where he comes clean about not being a priest. The patient is aware, explaining that he was seeking the forgiveness of anyone — anyone at all. This revelation brings Ben to tears, but as word spreads through the halls of the hospital it evokes a much different emotion in the loved ones of victims.

After learning that their daughter Winnie has died from her injuries, two parents are determined to exact their revenge. While the husband shouts in the hallway, only to be calmed by Maggie, his wife pretends to be married to the man and is caught trying to remove his ventilation tube.

Owen Cheated On Cristina Yang:

While matching up patients with their loved ones, Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Riggs (Nathan Henderson) learn that their patient Charlie was with his girlfriend when the building collapse but is also married. The doctors try to decide whether to keep this information from both women, when Owen makes a snide comment about cheating. This is apparently a dig at Riggs, who was unfaithful to his wife. He attempts to defend himself, reminding Owen that he’s simply not as good a partner as he is, when Owen makes a shocking confession, he cheated on his first wife, Cristina (Sandra Oh). It is not revealed who he was unfaithful with, however.

Jo Comes Clean:

With her fear of being found by her estranged husband in the front of her mind, Jo decides she must come clean to Alex. He pulls her aside to apologize once more for fear that he won’t have a chance to do so after the trial. He reminds Jo, as was seen in a sneak-peek video, that she is “not trash” despite what he previously said out of anger. Alex urges her not to let anyone make her feel that way again before walking off.

Later, while riding the elevator together, Jo stops the machine in it’s tracks and takes a second to speak with Alex in private. She blurts out that she’s married, telling Alex the truth for the first time. She also shares with him that Jo Wilson is not her real name and the change is also related to her marriage. Before exiting the elevator Jo tells her former beau that if she disappears after the trial, it’s not his fault — suggesting that she plans to leave Seattle to avoid being tracked down. He urges her not to go and begins rethinking having her take the stand.

Richard’s Job May Be In Danger:

Eliza Minnick (Marika Dominczyk) resurfaces at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital during episode 9 after hearing about the collapse. While she is not due to start her full-time position there for a few days, she hopes to volunteer an extra set of hands — which the hospital desperately needs. Minnick has several run-ins with Richard (James Pickens Jr.), but there was one in particular that left “Grey’s Anatomy” fans with unanswered questions. During one scene the two are discussing sitting down for coffee, as well as her new position. Minnick makes a comment that suggests she’s taking Richard’s job and urges him to speak with Bailey (Chandra Wilson) before their coffee.

He does so and learns that Bailey has brought her on to oversee the residency program. Richard is being made the chairman of the program, which he believes is simply an ornamental position. Maggie is especially upset about this, but Richard doesn’t believe there’s anything he can do to save his job. She takes matters into her own hands, turning to Jackson (Jesse Williams) in the hopes that he’ll take care of it.

Dr. Minnick May Be Arizona’s New Love Interest:

Throughout Season 13, episode 9, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) freezes out Minnick’s attempts at flirtation. Frustrated, she decides to take a new approach — being blunt. She walks up to Arizona and tells her, flat out, “I’m into girls.” She the rambles about how she’s been flirting with her all day and complains about Arizona not reciprocating. The pediatric surgeon claims that while she’s somewhat enamored by Minnick, she can’t help but find her “irritating.” The pair agree to go out for drinks regardless.

Amelia May Be Leaving Owen:

As the “Grey’s Anatomy” winter finale comes to a close, Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) — who was absent through much of the show — is seen writing a note. A voiceover reads the letter, in which she appears to be pleading with her husband not to take whatever she’s doing personally. She is then seen folding the letter in half and walking out the door.

Alex May Serve Jail Time:

Despite Meredith’s advice, Alex decides that rather than force Jo to share her testimony, he’s going to go to the district attorney and take a plea deal that was offered to him. As part of the deal he is forced to plead guilty to assault in exchange for two years in jail. Meredith is not convinced that he can’t win his case and doesn’t want him to do so for Jo’s sake. Still, Alex is seen sitting in what appears to be a courthouse talking to an official. He freezes, however, before he can say anything, which leaves fans in the dark about what’s to come.

“Grey’s Anatomy” returns to ABC in January 2017.