“Grey’s Anatomy” might have ended Season 12 on a high note but it looks like the upcoming installment of the hit ABC series will kick off on a dramatic one.

Kevin McKidd, who portrays Owen on the long-running medical series, dished that some of the chaos come Season 13 will focus around Meredith’s (Ellen Pompeo) new relationship with Dr. Riggs (Martin Henderson). In Season 12, the surgeons locked lips after opening up to one another about their tragic pasts. But despite their similarities and fiery chemistry, it doesn’t look like Owen, whose character got married to Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) in the Season 12 finale, will approve of his sister-in-law’s new beau.

“I don’t think Owen is going to be happy about that,” McKidd told Entertainment Weekly, teasing his character’s feelings on Meriggs. (Wait, what’s their official shipper name again?) “He’s almost becoming an unofficial brother to Meredith. Derek (Patrick Dempsey) was his friend. He’ll be a bit territorial, to be honest.”

In addition to caring for Meredith, Owen has his own reasons for not wanting to let Riggs into his life or the lives of his friend — even if it’s illogical. “The last time Riggs got close to somebody Owen cares about, she died,” McKidd said, referring to the (presumed) death of Owen’s sister Megan. “He might be being a little irrational when he finds out.”

But Riggs won’t be the only one crushed by Meredith’s new relationship status. In the Season 12 finale of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Maggie (Kelly McCreary) told her sister that she thought Rigg’s was into her. And from the smitten look on her face, it was clear that’s exactly how she felt about the cardiothoracic surgeon.

Will Meredith break the news to her hopeless romantic of a sister that she and Riggs had a backseat rendezvous? Fans will find out this fall when “Grey’s Anatomy,” which was renewed for a 13th season in March, returns to ABC.