Grid Cloud Solutions Inc. offers comprehensive design, development, energy monitoring, and management and maintenance services to the photovoltaic solar, wind and biomass energy industry. Their corporate mission is to empower communities with energy. The Company has operations in Vienna, Austria, and they recently established offices in Toronto and Sault St. Marie, Ontario to meet the needs of North America’s fastest growing Renewable Energy (RE) market.

Grid Cloud Solutions, Inc. brings decades of consulting experience to federal and provincial governments worldwide. In addition, they offer complete power plant security systems, ensuring uninterrupted, reliable power generation for years to come. This is to protect their clients’ long-term investments.

The Company’s business model is in three divisions. These are The Energy Development Division (EDD), The Energy Monitoring Division (EMD), and The Power Plant Security (PPS) division. The Company believes this model provides innovative solutions for the development, monitoring & management and security of RE systems.

The Energy Development Division (EDD) focuses on the development of large-scale, community based RE projects including solar, biomass, wind, hydroelectric and gasification. EDD extends an array of contracted consulting services to other Renewable Energy developers. These include Environmental Impact Studies (EIS), and Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services, offering Contract Negotiations, Calculations, Engineering, Logistics, Budget Planning, Time Management, Labor Management and Purchasing related services.

The Energy Monitoring Division (EMD) offers various digital technologies that form an electronic network, monitoring energy output and managing energy input. This establishes Grid Cloud Solutions, Inc. as a long-term contract service provider. The EMD specializes in the monitoring of energy produced and/or consumed using a series of two-way digital communications.

The Power Plant Security (PPS) division specializes in supplying and installing complete RE power plant security systems. These include 24/7 monitored perimeter and interior intrusion detection devices.

In February, Grid Cloud Solutions, Inc. reported that the Company further expanded their Renewable Energy service division by offering a Solar Operating & Maintenance (O&M) program to Ontario solar energy developers. The new division provides antistatic, eco-friendly, solar panel washing services, combined with regular preventative maintenance programs, designed to ensure the Company’s clients’ solar parks perform at optimal levels.

In April, Grid Cloud Solutions, Inc. reported that they acquired a 51 percent interest in the Encompass Group. The Encompass Group is an energy management solutions company specializing in reducing energy costs through energy monitoring and energy efficiency technologies. The Encompass Group integrates complete HVAC building systems with 21st Century energy management technologies.