In an interview with Don Dahler for "CBS This Morning" that aired on Thursday, tight end Rob Gronkowski was quick to show his displeasure with questions regarding former New England Patriots teammate Aaron Hernandez.

Gronkowski, who was interviewed along with his family, refused to answer questions about the incarcerated football player. When Dahler directed a question about Hernandez towards his father, Gronkowski threatened to walk away from the interview.

It isn’t surprising to see Gronkowski avoid discussing his former teammate. Gronkowski and Hernandez play the same position in perhaps the best tandem in the NFL, but most players have kept quiet about the ongoing murder case.

The Patriots have done what they can to distance themselves from the murder suspect. They have allowed fans to exchange their Hernandez jerseys for that of another player. has confirmed that stickers of Hernandez have been removed from 500,000 sticker books by the trading card company Panini. 

Hernandez has been in jail for almost a month after being charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd. On Wednesday, a man who claims he was shot in February by the former NFL star testified against Hernandez.

Below is a transcript of Gronkowski’s refusal to talk about Hernandez, as well as video of the interview.

Dahler: “I do have to ask you when you heard about Aaron Hernandez what you thought, what your reaction was.”

Gronkowski: “Next Question. I learned that from Drew Rosenhaus. Next question.”

Dahler: “It had to be a shock for you, though. It had to be a shock for all your teammates.”

Gronkowski: “Next question.”

Dahler : “All right, then I’ll ask you. It seems to me that these two men played on opposite sides of the line, but they had more than that in terms of being opposites.”

Gronkowski’s father: “Truthfully I’m not gonna…”

Gronkowski: “I’m gonna walk off right now.”

Dahler: “Don’t walk off! I’ll change the subject.”

Gronkowski: “Yeah, yeah. Change it.”