It's easy to see why Panama has already attracted so many investors as it is one of the richest Central American cities, and thanks to the canal one of the best connected. Its currency is US dollars and it has a large population of Europeans and US citizens who have already discovered its delights. It's exceptionally easy to fly into with Tocumen International Airport being known as the Hub of the Americas.

Recent news about the aerotropolis will interest those looking for a good return on their money. A 344 hectare site has been earmarked for the city which is essentially an airport anchored metropolitan centre. It is intended to provide a range of housing and commercial sectors which will cater for financial and consumer services, as well as medical and leisure facilities. It will allow residents to do business with those arriving at the airport as it will be just 15 minutes away. This will enable much more business to be done and should attract additional businesses and industry to the down town area. It's estimated that this project will provide 3000 jobs and will be one of the most innovative projects in the region.

This is not the only new project to be announced as Royal Boskalis Westminster has just been awarded a $73 million contract to construct a 10 hectare artificial island off the coast of Panama City. With such major developments due to take place there seems little doubt that the economy of the city will only increase, making now the best time to invest before prices rise any further.