The Grumpy Justin Bieber meme swept across Twitter on Tuesday, quickly becoming an international phenomenon.

Pretty much anything and everything related to Justin Bieber has the ability to potentially break Twitter, but the Grumpy Justin meme was particularly powerful.

The meme took off after a video was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday in which the Biebs shows off what he looks and acts like when he is grumpy. It's hard to determine whether he is actually peeved during the video, or if it's all just a silly act for his Beliebers. We'll leave it up to you to decide.

The video begins when a Today Tonight interviewer asks, what does a grumpy Justin Bieber do? Does he just sort of shut down, or?

Bieber responds, you wanna get the grumpy Justin Bieber? Alright so, just ask me a question.

So the interviewer says, Let me ask you something about your personal life: how is it?

That Biebs responds simply, it's cool, then the interviewer hits him with another short inquiry, girlfriend? Bieber replies curtly, I don't really wanna talk about that right now.

The interviewer says, is that the grumpy Justin Bieber? Then he aks Bieber if he's going to walk out based on their exchange, and Bieber repeatedly tells him to just keep going.

The exchange goes on for a while longer, with Justin Bieber looking increasingly annoyed, until he breaks and tells the interviewer, that's grumpy Justin, that's at the end of the day when I've just had enough.

And to add insult to injury, after the annoying conversation continues to go south for a while longer, the interviewer points out that he has only 1,900 followers -- as opposed to Justin Bieber's millions -- and asks if Bieber can follow him on Twitter, to which the Biebs begrudgingly responds that, yes, he will follow him.

As is to be expected, the whole exchange created a number of GIFs and photos, which spread across Twitter and Tumblr like a virus, and Twitter users discussed it so heavily that Grumpy Justin became a trending topic both in the United States alone and worldwide on Tuesday.

The conversation was mostly pro-Bieber, with tweets like @Bieberbucks' simple Grumpy Justin is hot getting hundreds of retweets.

But some other Twitter users made jokes about Bieber, including R&B artist Frank Ocean, who on Tuesday tweeted the following crude message, Why is 'Grumpy Justin (Bieber)' trending? Leave her alone, it happens once a month.

Whether you're a Belieber or a hater is beside the point. The singer is an international obsession, and Grumpy Justin is just the latest in a long series of memes based on him.

Click play below to watch the video that spawned the Grumpy Justin meme.